Kiva Confections powdered turkey gravy is made from real stock, spices, and herbs (plus THC)

Chill Out Your Entire Family at Thanksgiving With This Cannabis-Infused Gravy

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Close up of gravy boat pouring over mashed potatoes

Disclaimer: We are not seriously suggesting you dose your family (or anyone!) on Thanksgiving (or any day!). We’re simply offering up a bit of holiday humor—something we could probably all use a dose of this week.

Thanksgiving is one of the best days of the year, filled with an overflowing table of food, football, and quality family time. It’s also one of the riskiest days of the year for rational discourse, when family members with differing opinions gather round a roast turkey to air their grievances. This year, as one cannabis company would have it, you now have the option to avoid it all by serving everyone a healthy dose of THC-laced turkey gravy (with full consent, of course). 

Kiva Confections, which has grown into the largest cannabis edibles brand in the country, has launched a limited-edition, fast-acting cannabis-infused gravy. It comes in powdered from, just like any regular, old grocery store gravy; just add water. Unlike most edibles, the gravy’s special ingredients will absorb directly into the soft tissue of the stomach, taking effect within 2 to 15 minutes. That’s lightning speed, compared to the typical 90 minutes or more that other edible cannabis products require before effects are felt. 

Photo courtesy of Kiva Confections

Grandma won’t care about your new tattoo after slurping up this stuff — in fact, she might want one of her own! Will your stuffy uncle ever stop talking? Maybe, after he eats this gravy (or at least you might not care what he says, after you’ve eaten it too). The biggest risk: A post-dinner rush on the dessert table. If you’re including this delicious, wavy gravy at your holiday dinner, make sure to stock up on the sweet stuff. 

The product ($5) is only available in San Francisco (at Grassroots dispensary) and L.A. (at SweetFlower’s three locations), but it’s the lead-up to a larger launch of fast-acting edible products by the company. That new selection of products will include a hot cocoa, according to representatives, so prepare for an extra-jolly holiday season from start to finish. 

Read more about Kiva Confections in the November/December print issue and here online, and check back for more details on the launch of its fast-acting line of edibles.