High/low-culture combinations for backyard parties add up to great taste and lots of fun

These High-Low Combos Will Be Your Backyard Party’s Secret Weapons
Thomas J. Story

Caviar + Potato Chips

Thomas J. Story

Northern Divine Caviar ($88/1 oz.) + Luke’s Wavy Organic Potato Chips ($2.99/4.5 oz.) =

Put down that blini. This crunchy duo makes for a brilliantly briny party appetizer.

Bourbon + Kolsch

Thomas J. Story

Stagg Jr. Batch 11 Bourbon ($50/750ml) + Sufferfest Kolsch ($12/6 pack) =

Sip—don’t chug—this high-proof (134)/low-ABV (3.5%) shot/beer combo.

Wagyu + American Cheese

Thomas J. Story

Mishima Reserve Ground Wagyu Beef ($15/16 oz.) + American Cheese =

You’re one grill session away from a perfectly charred, extra-luscious smash burger.

Tahini + Cabbage

Thomas J. Story

Seed + Mill Tahini ($10/11.6 oz.) + Cabbage =

The starting point for a tahini-cabbage slaw—now add scallions, cilantro, olive oil, lime, and salt.