Cipollini onions are on the menu for the fall feast. We ordered plants from Territorial Seed Company last April, and they arrived as baby plants. They were maybe three inches long, rubber-banded together and packed in a box.

I'm horrified to admit this, but I stashed them in the tool shed and accidentally forgot about them in the midst of all the Celebration Weekend prepations.

I uncovered them two weeks ago, shriveled and dry, still rubber-banded in that little box. There was just a bit of green in some of the stalks, so I figured I would put them in soil, give them some love, and see if they would possibly come back to life.

Here's how they look now:

I'm totally shocked that they survived after a two month stint in the shed! I'm going to plop them into the soil and see if they'll continue to behave and bulb up properly. 

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