photography by Thomas J. Story

As I begin to write this post and stuff my face with spaghetti at the same time, I'm re-reading that Facebook post we put up in early October—the one where I asked everyone for a change they were looking to make in their cooking or diet.

(Five people—who probably wouldn't approve of my current noodle binge—wrote that they'd like to consume less carbs in 2015.)

Not surprisingly, the most common thread in the comments section? Sugar. Less sugar. At least 22 out of 97 people mentioned cutting out this addictive yet beautiful little thing. I applaud them all.

Here are some other notable ideas that I'd like to adopt in my own eating lifestyle:

  • Darla Colburn Wilson: I want to try and use locally sourced veggies and meat in my daily meals. Supporting our local farms.
  • Barb Monroe: Water water water. I have not figured out a way to motivate myself to drink water everyday. I know I am dehydrated but I get busy and can easily go an entire day without one sip of water.
  • Janelle Pierson: Eat whole foods, nothing processed.
What are some of yours?

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