Wow your guests at your next cocktail party with this over-the-top tasty homemade tonic


If you consider yourself a gin aficionado, it’s time you learn how to make tonic water from scratch. Ours takes a bit of ingredient sourcing, but the result is insanely tasty and will bowl over party guests.

The first step to this homemade cocktail is making a tonic concentrate. Tip: a kit makes shopping easy and less of a hassle to track down specific ingredients. Start with water, dried lemongrass, allspice berries, cinchona bark powder, and cubeb pepper. Simmer the water-and-spice mixture over the stove, and strain the mix through a colander over a bowl. You’ll want to strain the mix once more—this time, using a cheesecloth. Add citric acid and sugar, then combine and chill.

Fill a glass with ice, lime juice, your homemade tonic concentrate, club soda, and gin, and your homemade gin and tonic is ready for sipping. For a non-alcoholic take on the tonic water, mix it with sparkling water for a refreshing drink.

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