Everything seasoning and classic bagel toppings meet fried rice in this super-tasty fusion dish

New York City transplants often pine for their hometown’s famous bagels. Until far-flung bakers can truly replicate the authentic article, bagel lovers take what they can get. Sometimes this means getting creative when it comes to satisfying bagel and lox cravings, and it doesn’t get more creative than this take on the New York Sunday brunch staple. If you’re a fan of Chinese food as well as bagels and lox, you’ll love this delicious (and easy!) fried rice recipe that mixes all your favorite bagel board toppings with simple fried rice. The key to any fried rice recipe is using day-old leftover white rice that’s cold (i.e. stored in the fridge). Using warm, freshly cooked rice will make your fried rice turn out soggy, while the addition of time and cold temperature helps the rice dry out to achieve the best chewy texture. So either cook the rice a day in advance, or simply use your takeout leftovers from the night before. We’re partial to everything bagels, so we concocted our own everything seasoning using a combination of dried onion, dried garlic, sesame seeds, salt, and poppy seeds, which we mixed well in a small bowl to blend. After the seasoning is ready, sauté chopped red onion in oil until softened and then add everything seasoning, day-old white rice, and soy sauce. Mix in the pan and break up clumps of the rice. Then create a well in the center of the pan and pour in additional oil and a beaten egg. Mix into the rice until the egg is cooked. Plate the fried rice and then comes the best part: adding your “bagel” toppings! Garnish your rice with slices of smoked salmon, capers, chopped tomatoes, thinly sliced red onion, a dollop of cream cheese, and more everything seasoning for the ultimate combo (or just pick and choose your toppings of choice).

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