Sunset Staff in Partnership with Amy’s Kitchen and Taylor O’Sullivan

Is there anything more satisfying and simple than a fine frozen pizza made with organic ingredients that bakes up on a weeknight in no time? Indeed there is, and it’s a fine frozen pizza made with organic ingredients elevated with extra-easy home-cooked toppings that take it to the next level in the time it takes to bake said pizza.

To upgrade everyday dinners, we partnered with Amy’s Kitchen and Taylor O’Sullivan to create three can’t-fail, midweek dinner saviors that come together in mere minutes and utilize fresh vegetables and plant-based cheeses. The foundation: Amy’s Kitchen Frozen Vegan Margherita Pizza. The upgrade: seasonal produce that shines in three delicious toppings a home cook can whip up in minutes. Feeling fresh and vibrant? Go with the pesto and plant-based ricotta. Seeking the savory? We suggest the smoky caramelized shallots. (Thanks, paprika!) Or go with the crowd-pleasing asparagus, pepper, thyme, and feta for seasonal satisfaction. 

Weeknight Pizza Upgrades

Arugula Pesto Pizza

Arugula Pesto Pizza

Taylor O’Sullivan

Smooth pesto and fresh baby arugula leaves provide a pleasing pungency that works beautifully with the creamy ricotta.

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Smoky Double Cheese Pizza with Caramelized Shallots and Mushrooms

Shitake Shallot Pizza

Taylor O’Sullivan

Earthy mushrooms and shallots cooked until soft and sweet top an umami-rich, satisfying pie.

Roasted Baby Asparagus & Pepper Pizza with Plant-Based Feta and Thyme

Pepper Asparagus Pizza

Taylor O’Sullivan

Is there such a thing as a light pizza? There is when sweet spring flavors predominate. (And when the cheese is plant-based.)

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