This group of backyard farmers is one of ten finalists in our One-Block Party contest. The winner will be announced on September 20, 2011.


Oakland, CA


Left (from left): Jamie Vasta, Michele Senitzer, Kitty Sharkey, Nola Martin. Right (clockwise from top left):Kim Di Giacomo, Oletta Reed, Kate Voyageur, and Todd Voyageur (with son Jonah).

Team Found Fruit is a group of  gardeners, foragers, and slow food enthusiasts who plan to grow and find 100% of the ingredients for their one-block feast. “We’re very excited about this challenge, because it gives us the opportunity to try and learn new skills together and from each other, “ says Michele Senitzer, head of the team. The members live within a five-mile radius of one another, and are also creators and members of, a social networking website that helps connect community to local food and sustainable living practices.

Found Fruit will put lots of fruit, naturally enough, on its menu. There will be jams and a cool-sounding summer cider. Also some intriguing martinis (we won’t give away the surprise just yet). We can’t wait to find out more about the surf smelt and seaweed they’re planning to forage, and the goat cheeses and yogurt. These adventurous people are having a crack at olive-brining and recycling vegetable oil (which they'll use to fuel their cars), and they’re even tackling escargot, a project we attempted ourselves. (We documented it, with a recipe, in our new book The One-Block Feast—all we can say is, good luck with that. They are really tasty, though.)

We would like to add that this team's goats are possibly the cutest members of their entire species.

Sam (left) and Lulu.

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