Easy and delicious add-ins to make the Thanksgiving staple even tastier

Dress up your holiday table with the creamiest and best mashed potatoes you’ve ever made. (We guarantee Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas won’t be the same again.) Take that box mix from Costco and chuck it out the window, because we’ve got three ways to make your russets, Yukon golds, and reds even better than they were last year. Here’s how you do it: Get yourself a large pot, throw in some cold water, and bring your water to a boil on high heat. (We know low heat is tempting, but don’t do it! It’ll take forever-and-a-half.) Place the potatoes in there–be careful, they’ll splash if you don’t do it gently–and wait until those taters get tender when you pierce ‘em with a fork. The fun part: Take your potato masher and start smashing them until the texture is creamy and soft. Now that you’ve got the basic part down, it’s time to add in your potato toppings. This video shows you how to make your potatoes with roasted cauliflower, melted leeks, and herbed Greek yogurt. It’s a veggie-friendly dish, for sure. Super homemade and super easy. All your friends will wonder where you got your recipe, and you’ll tell them that the secret ingredient is, actually, not-so-secret. They’ll find the recipe if they visit sunset.com. To be quite honest, all three recipes are near and dear to our heart, but our favorite has to be the roasted cauliflower mashed potatoes. We highly recommend making it, because it’s a surefire crowd-pleaser (and a lower-carb version of the classic)! Mixing cauliflower with mashed potatoes is a genius move, in our humble opinion, and if you’re not doing it, you’re totally missing out on the most perfect mashed potatoes your table has ever seen.

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