Celebrate the year of the ox with festive, tasty foods symbolizing luck and goodwill

Why not greet the new year by entertaining at home? New Year foods of all sorts tend to be symbolic, portending good luck, good health, and abundance for the coming year. This tasty and simple menu contains plenty of good luck for those who seek it.

According to Chinese tradition, the long noodles in Shanghai delight will guarantee everyone at the table a long life. Add sweet lotus root (symbolizing abundance) or lotus seed cakes (symbolizing fertility) from a Chinese bakery and candy (for sweetness in the new year) for dessert.

If you are lucky enough to be invited to a Chinese New Year celebration, don’t forget to bring tangerines and oranges, these traditional offerings to hosts symbolize joy and wealth.

Other traditional foods and their symbolic meaning:

Turnips (good omens) Garlic chives (everlasting) Lettuce (growing wealth) Duck (fidelity) Eggs (fertility) Oysters (good business) Seaweed (wealth)

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