Let me know if you're in need of someone who meets that description. I think I can find her.

Help out a lefty

I just stumbled upon Felco's left-handed pruners. I had no idea that these were made! They would surely help alleviate the crazy blisters we lefties get from gripping tools not meant for our hands.

Make a garden-gal's day

Carhartt now makes pants specifically designed for women. Buy a pair of the traditional fit, boot-cut jeans for the garden-ista in your life, and she can stop sacrificing fashion for pants that keep up with her hard labor.

Stay fashionable while trudging through the rain or snow

Consider snagging someone a pair of rubber boots from Target this season. They are fashionable, functional, and affordable (I should know -- I have them!).

Daydream of spring

This is an obscure gift that will surely bring a good laugh to the special vegetable grower in your life. I once bought a membership to Wood Prairie Farm's Potato Sampler of the Month Club for a farm manager of mine. She loved it, as will your favorite gardener -- especially during the winter months when all we can do is daydream about what varieties to plant in the spring.

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