By MacKenzie Geidt, Sunset editorial assistant

No chickens yet, but the coop has landed! We’re one step closer to welcoming our first flock to the Sunset homestead.

If I were a chicken, I’d be thrilled to shack up in this cozy coop and I’d find very little to complain about.  Our customized coop hails from the masterful hands of James Stamp, founder of Wine Country Coops in St. Helena, California, which was featured in our July issue.

Our coop is 4- by 6-feet (very nearly the size of my studio apartment in San Francisco), and sports a charming red gabled roof of weatherproof corrugated metal.

Wire mesh flooring lets droppings fall to the ground, keeping the house clean and low-maintenance.

(We'll use the droppings in our compost pile.)

We’ll be able to easily collect the eggs every day through a door to the nesting compartment, and a ramp will allow the chickens to scuttle out when they’re let out in the morning to roam. Weather-proof with excellent

ventilation, the coop features roosting poles, glass windows to let in natural light, and accommodates hen parties of 12. That’s more than I can brag about in my own apartment, so I hope the future residents appreciate these features when they arrive.

Readers: Do you have chickens? We want to see pictures of your feathered friends!  Show off your prize-winners and email us with pictures. We'll add them to our (forthcoming) Chicken Portrait Gallery. Send pictures (include names!) and your stories to:

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