Delicious recipes that just happen to be good for you. Plus: the best feel-good foods

Sunset  – January 3, 2007

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Once you’re well into the new year, those diet resolutions ― possibly the same ones you made last year? ― are starting to seem a little bit too ambitious. Or boring. Or downright frustrating. You may be so fed up that you’re on the verge of slathering on the butter.

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Part of why diets fail is because diet food is often not very satisfying. Either it’s tasteless or it leaves you feeling empty. Well, here’s hope for progress toward a whole new you: In these articles, we offer recipes that are anything but insipid or skimpy (like a comforting, nutty-tasting bowl of pasta soup. They’re each appealing enough to make often. And they just happen to be good for you.

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