The Eatery Restaurant, Skagit River Resort Rockport, Washington

The Eatery Pecan Pie

Slice of history

“My dad’s mother came here in 1888. She was paddled up the river by the Indians,” Tootsie Clark recounts. “She ran a roadhouse above Marble Mount [near the entrance to North Cascades National Park].”

The resort includes a string of cabins, a bed-and-breakfast, and a restaurant, where Clark still holds court with her homestyle cooking. Which of her pies is most popular? Clark hesitates: “Well, the pecan goes over very well. People seem to like the wild blackberry too. We also do rhubarb-strawberry, and lemon, and I make my own mincemeat out of elk meat….”

58439 State 20, Rockport, WA; (800) 273-2606.

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