Combine greens and beans for a quick, warming dinner
Warming soup of white beans and chard
James Carrier
With toasted bread, a simple, savory soup can be a one-dish meal.

Chard and White Bean Soup

Since I work around food all day, the last thing I want to do when I go home at night is whip up a cassoulet or lasagna from scratch. That’s why this simple, Italian-style soup of greens and beans has become a weeknight staple at my house. I keep a bunch of greens, a few cans of beans, a wedge of parmesan, and some chicken broth on hand for it.

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It’s easy to vary the soup with different kinds of beans or greens (though some, such as kale, require longer cooking). It’s a minimalist autumn dinner that leaves me free to spend the rest of the evening out of the kitchen.

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