This vegetable has a surprise inside

Sweet-tart Watermelon Radish Salad

It looks like a large, pale green turnip on the outside. But cut this watermelon radish open and you’ll understand the reason for its name. The flesh glows fuchsia and is rimmed with a thin band of white and tinged with green on the outer edges. The visual characteristics become more striking when you splash thin slices with vinegar ― which intensifies the color ― and sprinkle them with black sesame seeds.

Watermelon radish adds crunch and mild flavor to salads and sandwiches. Look for the California-grown roots through March in farmers’ markets and in supermarkets that sell specialty produce.

For gardeners: Seed sources for rose-heart or shinrimei radishes include Evergreen Y. H. Enterprises (714) 637-5769 and Ornamental Edibles (408) 929-7333.

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