Banana leaves, coconut milk, and pineapple give seafood a touch of the Islands

In Hawaii, fish flaunts a sassy attitude. Local ingredients, colorful presentations, and unique species, such as opakapaka, onaga, and opah, give dishes unmistakable regional identity.

To bring this beguiling Islands style to fish on the mainland, we watched local chefs cook at renowned culinary seminars such as the Mauna Kea Resort’s Winter Wine Escape (808/880-3023) and the Kapalua Wine and Food Festival (800/527-2582). They proved that it’s deceptively easy to give any fish a little tropical flair.

Of course, Hawaiian anglers reel in fish we don’t often see on the mainland. Although some of their unique species can be ordered (check with your local fish market if you’re interested), we’ve built our recipes around types readily available throughout the West. Hawaiian flavors can turn any fish into flamboyant fare.


Pan-steamed Sole with Shrimp and Pork Hash

Salmon with Crab and Vegetables in a Foil Packet

Hawaiian Ceviche with Pineapple Salsa


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