Healthy desserts from our readers, tested in Sunset's kitchen

Last summer we asked you to send in your favorite healthy dessert recipes for this issue. Here are our picks, chosen for their overall take on “healthy,” their seasonality, and, most important, their taste. These desserts aren’t lesser versions of fattier or sweeter standards; they’re delicious and satisfying in their own right. Enjoy!

Grapefruit Brûlée
Fred Zimmerman, Seattle, WA
By sectioning broiled grapefruit and adding a bit of thick yogurt, it becomes a fancy dessert.

Banana Parfaits
Sarah Abrevaya Stein, Seattle, WA
“My mom used to serve my sister and me sliced bananas sprinkled with coconut,” Stein says. This is her dressed-up take.

Chocolate Sherbet
Sandy Goldberg, Oakland, CA
Cool and comforting at the same time, this frozen chocolate milk is a calcium-rich, low-fat concoction we could eat once a week.

Espresso Angel Food Cake
Julianne Gilland, Oakland, CA
We were blown away by this cake’s great nutty texture and intense espresso taste.