Serve your guests a morning meal that is sure to impress (and is made almost entirely the night before)

Molly Watson,  – October 5, 2006

When you want to offer guests a more elegant morning meal option than cereal ― yet avoid the staggered-style service of pancakes and omelets ― try this menu, which can be made almost entirely the evening before: sweet rolls, a cheesy egg bake with Swiss chard, and rosemary- and black pepper-spiced pears. Cook up some bacon or sausages, pour the juice and coffee, and you’re set. Your guests will think you were up at dawn.


The day before
Prepare the cardamom rolls through step 2. While dough rises, cook egg bake through step 3 and the pears through step 1. Prepare cardamom rolls through step 3.

The morning of
Pull all 3 dishes out of the fridge and preheat oven to 350°.

50 minutes before
Start baking rolls.

40 minutes before
Put egg bake in same oven.

30 minutes before
Finish pears on the stove and cook bacon or sausage, if you like.

20 minutes before
Cool cardamom rolls and make glaze.

10 minutes before
Remove rolls from pan and drizzle twice with glaze.