Joanna Linberg

Who: Joanna Linberg, senior home editor

This year, I’m determined to: eat a salad a day.

Even though this challenge is done, I still struggle with: planning ahead to get fresh greens, then not copping out on prep when I get home from work. 

Coping mechanism: Instagramming the photos was a huge motivator for me. It also made me realize how foods like raisins and seeds made the salads look more appetizing and taste more interesting.

I’m feelin’: like this isn't a habit I want to give up.

My takeaway: I can do this, all year round. And since citrus is in season now, it's going to be the star of my salads for a while.

I’m celebrating with: chocolate chip cookies! Eating so many salads has kept me away from sugar without even trying, but now it's time for a small indulgence.

photos by Joanna Linberg


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