Putting an egg on it is good, too, but smoked salmon wins for convenience

Who: Jessica Mordo, Senior Editor,

This year, I’ve decided to: Eat more fish. I’m aiming for about 4 servings a week for the duration of this challenge.

I chose this because: So many health benefits, yet I barely ever make it at home, favoring other animal proteins instead.

This weekend was: Great! Last week I was feeling defeated by the effort needed to prepare fish just for my own consumption and not for everyone in my household. Smoked salmon for breakfast was the antidote! Even though I feel like I was getting by on a technicality since I didn’t cook the fish, opting for lox was an easy way to consume fish without any pressure to satisfy other palates.

My biggest temptation to cheat: Um, I actually kind of did cheat - just a little. I went out for dinner Saturday night and although the menu listed a perfectly tasty-sounding cod entree, I couldn’t resist the coffee-braised lamb. I mean, it’s winter and the season calls for slow-cooked meat. But eating smoked salmon for breakfast twice over the weekend offsets it, right?

Coping mechanism(s): I watched the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi to keep my eyes on the prize and remind me of how freakin’ delicious a good piece of fish can be.

A recipe I’m really digging: For my aforementioned breakfast, I did a California riff on bagel and lox. I’m a native New Yorker, so that’s pretty much soul food to me, but the bagels in San Francisco do not measure up. Instead, I opted for thickly cut, toasted slices of Josey Baker Bread’s Dark Mountain Rye (so good). I mashed up a half avocado with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and spread that on the toast, topped with a sprinkling of red pepper flakes and sea salt plus a layer of smoked salmon. It kept me full until lunch time. Success!

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