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Photo: Yunhee KimI have to confess something to you. All those yummy salads you've seen every day on Instagram? Well, with only one or two exceptions, my husband made them for me. It's really easy to succeed during the Eat Fresh Challenge when someone literally plans all your meals, shops for the ingredients, makes it, then hands it to you on your way out the door.

This week, my husband has a busier schedule, so I planned a few salads that are worth coming home from work a little early to make (like the Kale and Radicchio Salad with Broken Caesar Dressing pictured above), and stocked up on some basics for those mornings when I know throwing spinach in a bowl is about all I'll have time to do. Have you been eating more veggies this week? Let me know!

Who: Joanna, senior home editorThis year, I’m determined to: eat a salad a day to kickstart my year with some green power.I chose this because: I don't get enough raw veggies in the winter months.So far, the challenge is going: Great! As I said above, though, it's easy when someone else is doing all the work for you. I'm crossing my fingers I can hold it together this week.My biggest temptation to cheat: Last night I made a stovetop soda bread in my cast iron, leek and mushroom soup, and whisked together a gluten-free flour mix. After all that time in the kitchen, I normally would skip making a veggie and just juice the next day. But my Instagram accountability pledge is helping.Coping mechanism(s): Making big batches of salads that hold up well in the fridge (thank goodness I love cabbage) so it's easy to pack for the next day.A recipe I’m really digging: Kale and Radicchio Salad with Broken Caesar Dressing, recommended to me by our food editor, Elaine. Can't wait to make it this week!

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