Outside Lands isn’t just for the musicit’s a major location for food, wine, and even cannabis. Here are the foods to eat at the festival this year.

Wine and Cheese Lands
Andrew Jorgensen


Heading to Outside Lands this weekend? Our editors have been on the ground trying out the latest signature eats and drinks at the landmark San Francisco event. From natural wine at Wine Lands to insane fried chicken sandwiches on the festival floor, here’s what you have to eat this weekend.

Matcha Buns with Milk Custard from Dumpling Time

Nena Farrell and Maya Wong

Take your bao game to a new level with this dessert version at Dumpling Time. These delightful little clouds have a green tea dough and milk custard inside, like a matcha latte turned into a pastry.

Nepalese Dumplings from Bini’s Kitchen

These Nepalese lamb dumplings have a loyal following of Bay Area locals for a reason. They’re perfectly bite-sized, shareable, and drizzled with spicy tomato cilantro sauce.

Vegan Chili Cheese Fries from Henry’s + KronnerBurger

Yes, get the KronnerBurger too, but don’t overlook the chili cheese fries. Vegans can get in on festival cuisine with this non-meat version of the all-American side dish.

Surf and Turf Garlic Noodles from Chef Smelly’s Creole and Soul Food

Nena Farrell and Maya Wong

Chef Smelly’s infamous garlic noodles are no joke. Top them with real crab, grilled prawns, and angus beef, and they can easily feed two people.

Fried Mac & Cheese Balls from MAC’D

Deep fried, cheesy, and no silverware required—this is festival food at its finest.

Fried Chicken Sandwich from Proposition Chicken

Nena Farrell and Maya Wong

This cult-favorite Bay Area chicken restaurant is slingin’ juicy sandwiches, complete with a soft hearth-baked roll and spicy slaw, all weekend long.

Porcini Doughnuts with Raclette Cheese from Rich Table

This upscale Michelin-starred restaurant brings their California-centric menu to Outside Lands with rich porcini mushroom donuts smothered in fresh, hot, melty raclette cheese.

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