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I'm swept up in the season and ogling all the ways designers are decorating their trees. When you think about it, a Christmas tree is really just a giant, temporary houseplant with tinsel. Why don't we do that more often? (Small programming note: Designer Feed will be back after the new year with lots of inspiration for starting 2016 with a beautiful, organized home. Happy holidays to you!)

Christmas with my people❤️🎄

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1. Those rich green drapes have never seemed more gorgeous than when backing Frances Merrill's gorgeous tree. Pour a mug of hot cocoa for me, I'm on my way over!


2. Think I still have time to pull this off? I can see this delightful crimson tree next to my 3-footer. Cassandra LaValle (aka Coco + Kelley) always has must-steal seasonal decorating ideas.


She's almost done. @holli_thomas_studio photobombing as usual. #tannenbaum #christmastree @blitzensdotcom

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3. One word: feathers! I could stare at this tree by Lindsay Pennington for hours. There's a treasure on every bough.


I'm not sure what I created or how it came together, but I like it. I think?

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4. For when a wreath seems too traditional, Erica Chan Coffman has created something magical but unexpected to hang in its place. She posted a ton more ideas on her site, too.


Bright and Merry. Xk #art #holiday #installation #tree #yochaimatos

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5. Sure, it's unconventional, but count on Kelly Wearstler to subvert a classic tree and make me like it.


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