Say goodbye to coffee stains with this innovative spin on the classic morning drink

CLR CFF Clear Coffee
Courtesy of CLR CFF

The struggle of sipping your morning coffee while sitting in traffic or riding the subway without spilling down your shirt is real. We’ve been there plenty of times. That’s why we were curious—and downright thrilled—to hear about CLR CFF.

Using revolutionary processing methods, the London-based company turns roasted Arabica beans and water (plus a little added natural caffeine, for good measure) into clear liquid form, free of sugars and preservatives. The two Slovakian brothers behind CLR CFF, David and Adam Nagy, sought the flavor and energy kick of a cup of joe, minus its teeth-staining side effects, and the ingenious product was born. One serving has comparable amounts of caffeine to a cup of French press or a double espresso, and though its hue might not call for cream and sugar, the flavor resembles that of the classic morning drink.

The beverage comes conveniently packaged in glass bottles, and though it currently retails in-store at places like Whole Foods in London, you can order it online—when it’s not sold out—on Amazon.

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