Great news for frequent fliers and Speculoos fans.

Everyone’s Favorite In-Flight Cookie Got a Krispy Kreme Upgrade

Brace yourself for the sugar coma and book in that cheat day. There’s a culinary mashup launching this week that travelers and lovers of the popular in-flight treat treat known as Biscoff are sure to get a kick out of. Lotus Brand, the makers of the wildly popular Belgian cookie, and Krispy Kreme have announced the ultimate collab, featuring three new donuts highlighting their popular caramelized cookie.

Biscoff cookies and air travel are inextricably tied in my mind. I always opt for the cookies with a cup of hot tea and milk as a little in-flight perk. (They’re also particularly good with coffee; in fact, the name is a portmanteau of “biscuit” and “coffee.”) And while plenty of other airlines now serve Biscoff, Delta was the first to bring them on board in the mid-1980s. In its native Belgium, it’s an example of a traditional style of cookie known locally as the Speculoos that has a rich caramel flavor and a wonderful snap that helps it stand up to dunking. The flavors of this style of cookie are so popular that Trader Joe’s even sells a version of their cookie butter.

Photo courtesy Krispy Kreme

For the Krispy Kreme collab, the three flavors offered include: Biscoff Iced Doughnut, which is a Krispy Kreme Original Glazed doughnut dipped in Biscoff Cookie Butter icing; Biscoff Cookie Butter Cheesecake doughnut​, an OG glazed dipped in Biscoff cookie butter icing and topped with a swirl of cream cheese buttercream and Biscoff crumble; and Biscoff Cookie Butter Kreme Filled, a shell doughnut filled with Biscoff cookie butter  filling, that’s then dipped in Biscoff Cookie Butter icing and topped with a swirl of dark chocolate icing and Biscoff Crumble.

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The Biscoff donuts will be available for a limited time, so get them while they’re hot.

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