A few good pints

Explore our favorite towns for a frosty brew

intro from Rachel

1. Bend, Oregon

With more brewpubs than most small towns, Bend is the perfect place for a self-guided pub crawl.

2. Mendocino, California

Cruise all over Mendocino County ― from Ukiah to Boonville ― for not just cold drafts, but organic cuisine and fine wines, too.

A couple of our favorite brew spots: Ukiah Brewing Company in Ukiah and Boonville's Anderson Valley Brewing Company.

3. Around Colorado

Grab a bar stool at one of these classic Front Range saloons.

4. Park City, Utah

Apres hiking, shopping, and spa-ing in Park City, stop in for a Polygamy Porter at Wasatch Brew Pub at the top of Main street.

5. Portland, Oregon

On your next trip to Portland, be sure to make time for a couple of pints at favorite local brew spots like Widmer Brothers, Bridgeport Brewery, and McMenamins, The Rams Head.

6. Marin County, California

Hike around Mount Tamalpais to your heart's content, then pull in for a well-deserved pint at the cozy Pelican Inn or on the deck of the Mountain Home Inn.

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