Skiing in the West

Our favorite places to go skiing, from Tahoe to Telluride--plus some secret tips to take with you to the slopes

Ski without the scene in Oregon

In Baker City, there are feet of fresh powder, a village-free vibe, and seriously retro prices

Anthony Lakes landscape
Photo by John Clark

A total time warp

Then: Consider the original skiers at Anthony Lakes in the 1930s: a hardy group who gathered in search of snow. They strapped a socklike sack on the backs of their skis for grip and then trekked 10 miles to the base of the undeveloped slopes, where they stayed in cabins and repeatedly skinned up the mountain—only to ski down again.

Now: Other than a plowed road, a bare-bones lodge, and the occasional plaid-clad snowboarder, not much has changed. Like their founding skiers before them, locals still hike up the slopes whenever the chair’s not running (Monday through Wednesday), then fly down.


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