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Arbor with Bench

Imagine sipping your tea or wine in the dappled light of your own backyard arbor bench, your favorite vine overhead.

Building a bench and arbor combo is in some ways less complicated than building a standalone bench. The arbor provides the structure, and the bench comes along for the ride with no complex angles or fancy joinery.

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Building tips

Use rot-resistant wood. The posts and the bench legs should be made of pressure-treated lumber that is rated for ground contact. If you use cedar, redwood, or above-ground-rated lumber, apply extra sealer.

If you want to pave the arbor floor, do so right after setting the posts. This will give you a hard surface from which to measure.

Getting posts to the same height may be tricky. You may choose instead to set unnotched posts and tamp the soil to hold them firm, then cut them to height and make the notches.

Where we show joining pieces with a pair of carriage bolts, you may choose instead to drive four 3-inch decking screws or two lag screws.

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