Easy Easter egg nest

Fun placecards to make for your holiday table

Present this petite "table nest" at Easter brunch ― with an inscribed egg, it's a pretty placecard and a party favor.

To make it, we coiled ⅛-inch copper tubing used for refrigerator cooling lines (about $1 per foot; available at OSH stores and at www.plumbingsupply.com). You'll need about 5 feet per nest.

Place a tapered juice glass upside down and, starting at the bottom, wrap the length of tubing around it, working upward. To make a bottom for the nest, use pliers to make tighter coils at the tapered end. Compress or expand the coils to make it about 3 inches tall, then line the interior with straw or sphagnum moss.

Easter décor
by Abigail Peterson

Punch up the beauty of a plain glass hurricane by surrounding the pillar candle inside with colored eggs ― a perfect look for your holiday table.

The key to success: Buy extra candles and replace them every few hours so that the flame never gets too close to the eggs.

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