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Garden stools

Lounging in the garden should not be a serious business, nor should the chairs on which you lounge. That's why we love Lebello's bright, pop art stools, whimsically named Marshmellow. "Color played an immediate role from the get-go on this design," says Lebello owner Lars Dahmann. "We wanted something more fun-something playful and flexible that people could use to create different moods."

The stools come in 2 sizes and 20 different colors (with more to come each season-next up are purple and red). A recyclable woven plastic exterior covers either a standard wooden frame (for use indoors or in areas that don't get a lot of rain) or an all-weather metal frame that stands up to the elements. $110 for 11 1⁄2-inch size and $135 for 14-inch size in a standard frame, $130 and $160 for metal frames. Visit for store locations and ordering information. -Abigail Peterson