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Before & After: Retro ranch remodel

Obsessed with retro style, this Arizona couple found a house to match

ranch home exterior
Photo by Thomas J. Story

Retro ranch: '60s vibe with a personal touch

Matthew and Jennifer Hibbard’s house hunt started with a coffee-table book.

While flipping through Alan Hess’s The Ranch House a few years ago, the Scottsdale couple were inspired to explore the 1960s tracts of the city’s Village Grove neighborhood.

Driving around, they came upon a house for sale, nearly obscured by overgrown shrubbery.

“There was a huge dumpster in the driveway, and inside, junk everywhere—you could barely see the floor,” Matthew says. The house turned out to be already under contract, but when the deal fell through, the Hibbards stepped in.

Being on a tight budget, they did most of the rehab work themselves—redoing floors, fixtures, walls, and ceilings—and then decorated with a mix of new and secondhand pieces. Click ahead for a tour.


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