Winding ways

Zig-zag garden

Santa Monica Canyon, CA ― Gardening on an incline is always a challenge. But finding usable space on tilted ground for growing herbs and vegetables and for dining and outdoor living is a true accomplishment.

The first challenge for the Dry Design team ― Maria Denegri, John Jennings, Sasha Tarnopolsky, and Jerry Williams ― was to develop more garden area while providing easy access around the property. Switchback paths and "zipper" stairs (a series of zigzagging 6-foot squares that mimic the paving grid below it) connect terraces up and down the slope.

To expand the areas where the hillside falls away, Dry Design added decks made of sustainable wood. Bold succulents span the front entry and can be viewed from high windows, strengthening the indoor-outdoor relationship.

Jurors were particularly excited by the beautifully crafted and well-organized spaces. "It looks like a garden that would be fun to walk through," noted one juror.

DESIGN: Dry Design, Los Angeles (323/954-9084 ext. 22).

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