Phoenix, Arizona: Vision in red

Charles Mann
Potted succulents and flowering shrubs accent the seating area.
A traditional front yard becomes an inviting courtyard

Nothing is ordinary about this cheerful garden in one of Phoenix's oldest neighborhoods. What used to be a traditional front yard of lawn and foundation plants has been transformed into the focal point of the district.

Owners Victor Vasquez and Scott Aycock wanted a garden where they could relax and socialize with their neighbors. In response, designer Carrie Nimmer turned the formerly flat, open landscape into an inviting courtyard garden to match the house's Spanish-Mediterranean architecture.

Boldly colored red walls frame a courtyard filled with wildflowers, desert shrubs, cactus, and succulents. Inside the walls, colored concrete paving leads to built-in seating. Plant-filled containers add color and texture to patios and walls. "It's a wonderful example of how to turn a useless garden into a highly useable one," responded a juror.

DESIGNER: Carrie Nimmer, Landscape Designer, Phoenix (602/254-0300)

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