Roses for foggy coasts

Norman Plate
Varieties that grow well on foggy coasts


'Abraham Darby' (orange pink)
'Amber Queen' (golden amber)
'Apricot Nectar' (soft apricot)
'Bonica' (pink)
'Brass Band' (orange and yellow)
'Evelyn' (apricot yellow)
'Iceberg' (white)
'Intrigue' (plum purple)
'Mary Rose' (medium pink)
'Sally Holmes' (or climber; single white)
'Scentimental' (red and white)
'Simplicity' (pink)
'Singin' in the Rain' (apricot gold)
'Sun Flare' (lemon yellow)
'Trumpeter' (red orange)


'Altissimo' (single red)
'America' (coral pink)
'Cl Iceberg' (white)
'Eden' (pink with cream)
'Phyllis Bide' (yellow and apricot)
'Sombreuil' (creamy white)

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