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18 indispensable herbs

Our guide to growing and cooking with basic and gourmet herbs

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Tips for a successful harvest
Written by Johanna Silver

Tips for a successful harvest

Soil. It should be fast draining; dig compost into garden beds before planting annual herbs. For herbs in containers, use potting soil.

Water. Give newly planted perennial herbs regular watering (once established, most tolerate some drought). Annual herbs such as basil need regular water throughout the growing season. Mint prefers slightly moist soil.

Fertilizer. Most herbs appreciate occasional supplemental feedings during the growing season; use an organic granular fertilizer. For ‘Kieffer’ lime, use a plant food formulated for citrus.

Harvest. For most: Snip fresh new growth as needed. For lemongrass: Cut off the thick, bulbous stems just above the crown (ground level); peel off outer sheath and use the bottom third of the stem in cooking.


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