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Viognier for May

Toast the season with a perfect spring wine

No wine picks up on the mood of the blooming season like Viognier. Shamelessly floral and aromatic, with honey and tangerine flavors, the best versions also have a hit of crisp acid. The white grape is traditionally grown in France's Rhône Valley, but more winemakers in the West ― in places from Washington to California's Central Coast ― are bottling it now. Here are some of our new favorites ― all 2004 vintages except the Griffin Creek, a 2003.

Freemark Abbey (Rutherford, CA; $25)

Griffin Creek (Rogue Valley, OR; $25)

McDowell Valley Vineyards (Mendocino County; $16)

Stags' Leap Winery (Napa Valley; $25)

Turnbull Wine Cellars (Oakville, CA; $30)

Waterbrook Winery (Columbia Valley, WA; $17)