A new role for dessert wine

Use it to flavor ice cream

<p><a href='http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/basic-dessert-wine-ice-cream-10000000523021/' TARGET='_blank' class='related_links'>Basic Dessert Wine Ice Cream</a></P><p>Sweet wines, suited to desserts or served as dessert on their own, also have a practical application in the kitchen as flavorings. For memorable homemade ice cream, try Orange Muscat with chocolate, port with vanilla and cinnamon, and cream sherry with fresh and candied ginger.</P><p> The foundation for all these ice creams is a basic cooked custard; pick the wine from the choices that follow. The ice cream mixture can be ready to chill in less than half an hour. To speed cooling so you can freeze the ice cream right away, chill the cooked custard in ice water. The wine makes the ice cream creamier than typical. To emphasize the flavor, serve the ice cream splashed with more of the same wine.
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