The West's best seafood

Our guide to healthy, sustainable choices from the West's amazing bounty

  • Fish recipe tips

    How to cook perfect seafood

    Chef and sustainable seafood champion Robert Clark shows us how to buy and cook perfect fish—every time

Canned fish basics

Canned fish basics

Why buy canned, what to look for, and easy serving suggestions

Frozen fish basics

Frozen fish basics

The best fish to buy frozen, how to thaw it, and what to look for in a label


FAQs at the fish market

How to find a great seafood counter, and what to ask them when you get there. Plus: Some great fish markets we found around the West

Crab feast

Sustainable seafood recipes

108 favorite ways to serve crab, salmon, trout, halibut, and more of the West's best fish

seafood shopping tips

Seafood buying tips

Shopping suggestions and a fish-season calendar for the next time you head to the seafood counter

Grilled shrimp

Seafood cooking and prep techniques

3 fish lovers share their favorite ways with seafood. Plus: How to clean squid and sardines, cook and clean crab, and barbecue oysters

Prawn recipe tips

How to poach shrimp

Chef Robert Clark demonstrates an easy twist on the healthy cooking method

Seared Scallops with Tomato-Fennel Relish

How to pan-sear scallops

Watch chef Robert Clark demonstrate a favorite way to cook scallops

Pan-Roasted Orange Maple Sablefish

How to pan-roast fish

Chef Robert Clark shows us how to cook fillets on the stovetop


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