Thanksgiving on the beach

Get recipes and planning tips for an incredible Mexican-inspired Thanksgiving meal alfresco

Beach dinner party
Photo by Shelly Strazis

Informal beach feast

Photographer Shelly Strazis and her boyfriend, cinematographer Gilbert Salas, could make a food flick about their Thanksgiving. Every year for the past eight years, they’ve hosted it on the beach across the street from their home in Long Beach, California.

The menu is loosely themed around Gilbert’s Tex-Mex roots with a dash of California—which means dishes worth craving year-round, like chile-rubbed turkey with mole gravy, and chocolate cakes with a cayenne kick.

It’s a toss-up as to whether Shelly’s group enjoys the food or the beach more. Which makes us think that all Thanksgivings should at least involve a walk in the open air. Nature, after all, is partly what we have to be thankful for.


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