7 Spring Vegetables from Chef Fox's Kitchen

Annabelle Breakey; food styling: Karen Shinto
Spring vegetables to buy now and tips from Chef Jeremy Fox for how to eat them

Counterclockwise, from top left:

Baby artichoke: From the same plant as big artichokes, but more tender. Peel, cook, and eat whole.

Miner’s lettuce: Find this mild, delicate wild green at farmers’ markets from late winter to early spring.

Wood sorrel: A deliciously lemony wild green in the oxalis family. Use it only as a garnish, since it can be toxic in very large quantities.

Sheep sorrel: Refreshingly tart and fine to use as a main ingredient. Its color turns to olive when cooked.

Baby carrots: Just-formed carrots are extremely sweet and crunchy.​ Use them whole as a garnish.

Baby radishes: Dense, juicy, and with very little if any heat; eat them stems and all, with butter and salt.

Kohlrabi: A type of cabbage with a gentle broccoli flavor and creamy texture when cooked. Little ones are the most tender.

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