Eat-Your-Garden Salad

Take your salad to a whole new level with fresh, delicious flowers from your yard

Margo True

Recipe: Eat-Your-Garden Salad

When your garden gives you flowers and vegetables, use them both to make a salad that tastes like pure spring.

Ingredients you can grow in your flower bed:

Pansy petals

The largest of the viola-type flowers, all of which you can eat (the littlest are Johnny-jump-ups). Faint lettucelike taste; velvety texture.

Carnation petals

Sweet and spicy. Eat only the petals, and taste each flower before using, as they can sometimes
be bitter.

Calendula petals

Usually orange or yellow, with a daisylike appearance; mildly tangy.

Bachelor's Buttons

Spiky-looking but soft; can be blue, purple, pink, rose, or white. Cucumberish flavor and a fun, frilly texture.

Nasturtium petals

The tastiest flower. Peppery and mustardy, with a touch of honey. Ranges from yellow to reddish orange, with variegations too.

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