The latest scoop in ice cream

Salted Caramel is the new Vanilla. Ice cream trucks have gone gourmet. It’s all organic, ultra-local, and handmade. Eat up!

Portland popsicle stand

Sol Pops at the Portland Farmers Market.

Allison Jones

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Sweet Republic ice cream cup
L.A. ice cream truck
Los Angeles ice cream sandwich

Trend 1: Upscale trucks

No freezer-burned Push-Up pops here. Ice cream trucks go upscale.



  • The scoop: Everything served from Adria Shimada’s tiny, elegant ice cream truck is made from scratch: the hand-rolled krumkake cones, the candy she mixes into her Butter Toffee Crunch. And procured from local farmers: like the nectarines and blueberries in her ice cream base.
  • Lick we love: Coffee, made with beans from local Caffè Fiorè (a regular stop on the Parfait truck route).  –Rebekah Denn

Molly Moon’s

  • The scoop: Seattle’s ice cream queen expands her mini empire from two shops to include a roving truck stocked with favorites like Balsamic Strawberry.
  • Lick we love: New ice cream sandwiches like Vanilla Bean, squished between praline-style cookies made with walnuts and chunks of Theo Chocolate. –R.D.



  • The scoop: If Ben & Jerry got stranded on an island with Alice Waters, Frank Gehry, and L.A.’s Kogi taco-truck guy, they might come up with something like this: homemade ice cream sandwiches—say, Peanut Butter ice cream with chocolate cookies—in zero-waste edible wrappers, sold out of a pink-and-silver mini truck (painted with faces of famous architects) and a new one converted from an old mail van.
  • Lick we love: Any from the new “luxury” line, like Pistachio with Black Truffles. –Jenny Price


Sweet Republic

  • The scoop: You can’t miss Sweet Republic’s 1959 Chevy truck. (And that’s the point.) Inside the orange-and-white milk truck are eight of the same funky flavors you’ll find at the shop—like I Love Bacon and Salted Butter Caramel Swirl.
  • Lick we love: Zingy Basil Lime Sorbet. –Elizabeth Exline


Big Dipper

  • The scoop: Not only has Missoula’s beloved little ice cream parlor just opened a second location in Helena, they’re now tooling around Missoula in cute new yellow wheels.
  • Lick we love: Creamy Cold Smoke, made with beer from local Kettlehouse Brewing Co. –Miranda Jones

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