The West is wine country

The West is home to the country's best wine regions. Explore them all and taste their best offerings, from the cult cabs of Napa to the Pinots of Willamette Valley

Napa vs. Sonoma face-off

Sonoma or Napa? Two rivals slug it out over which wine country has the juice

Napa: Stay
Written by Heather John

Napa: Stay

We’ve perfected the art of the luxury hotel, and we’re not about to apologize for it. Resorts like Meadowood, Calistoga Ranch, and the one that started it all, Auberge du Soleil, bristle with wine country opulence. Epic poems have been written on Yelp about the private outdoor showers at the Carneros Inn. Questions have been popped over lunch on the deck at Auberge. Are stays here cheap? Not by a mile. But neither is a trip to Tuscany. And in some ways, our dreamiest sleeps can be more transportive.

Score: 9


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