A Reality check

Luck is with us on day three of our value vacation in Las Vegas

Day three budget

Sunday we had a real Vegas morning. We started with Krispy Kreme doughnuts ($2), then lounged by the hotel's small pool with Bloody Marys ($12). Would it redeem us to report that we also swam a few meager laps?

We knew we were getting low on funds, so we resolved to partake in only free activities after checkout (we left a $5 housekeeping tip). We stood in line for a free pull at the giant slot machine out in front of the Tropicana. We didn't win a Mustang, but we got free tickets to the small but interesting Casino Legends Hall of Fame inside the casino.

Down the Strip, we watched two free circus acts at the Circus Circus casino. Though the crowds were a little overwhelming, the strongman duo and the flying acrobats were impressive.

And this is where our luck came in. We added up our expenses and realized we were overbudget by $10.38. Ever the optimist, my husband dragged me back to New York-New York and, after putting $2 into a slot machine, won $25! After buying a shrimp salad and a beef rice bowl for lunch with a two-for-one coupon at Chin Chin Café ($13.50), we went shopping, ending up with souvenir dice ($2.07).

So maybe we didn't exactly hit our target. But doing Las Vegas for around $300 sure made us feel lucky.

Day three budget
$9 in pocket

Krispy Kreme doughnuts and Bloody Marys by the pool: $14 ($5 in the hole)

Tip for housekeeping: $5 ($10 in the hole)

Score tickets to Tropicana's Casino Legends Hall of Fame:

Amazing circus performers at Circus Circus:

Lucky slot machine: $23 ($13 remaining)

Lunch with a 2-for-1 coupon at New York- New York's Chin Chin Café: $14 ($1 in the hole)

Souvenir "lucky" red dice: $2 ($3 in the hole)

Total Spent

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