The best restaurants at Grand Teton

Glenn Oakley
From romantic upscale dining to a 50's-style grill, take a look at our choices for the best restaurants in the Grand Teton area 

Where to enjoy a good meal, cup of coffee, or glass of wine in and around the park:


Jenny Lake Lodge Dining Room. The park’s most elegant dinner destination (jackets suggested) offers a more casual lunch. $$$$, reservations required for lunch and dinner; or 307/543-3352.

Mural Room at Jackson Lake Lodge. A don’t-miss stop for its sweeping lake and Teton view. $$$; or 307/543-2811.

Pioneer Grill. Fun throwback spot in Jackson Lake Lodge. $$; or 307/543-2811.


Jackson Hole Roasters. Grab a cup of joe and a pastry to go, or linger with the locals. 50 W. Broadway; or 307/200-6099.

Rendezvous Bistro. A Jackson mainstay thanks to its innovative ways with American favorites. $$; 380 S. Broadway/U.S. 89 (about 15-20 minutes from Teton Village Road); or 307/739-1100.

Nora's Fish Creek Inn. Dinner menu includes trout prepared several ways. $$; breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily. State 22 in Wilson; 307/733-8288.

Dornan's Pizza Pasta Company. Good Italian food in a stunning setting―Dornan’s upper deck has a stupendous view of the mountains. The adjacent wine store is one of the best in the West. 12170 Dornan Road, Moose WY; or 307/733-2415.

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