Best refurb burb: Stapleton

In Denver

Stapleton, Denver, Colorado

Community-focused neighborhoods have drawn people like the Kings to Stapleton.

Erik Rank

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    The changing Western suburb

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The category: Neighborhoods rising from former sites of airports and institutions, making use of precious space.

The stats: 12 miles east of downtown Denver; population 5,000 and growing.

The residents: Mike and Elizabeth King (32 and 33). Mike, a lawyer, just made partner. Elizabeth works in management and leadership consulting.

How they got here: They moved from Lincroft, New Jersey, when Mike took a job with a Denver law firm. They wanted to be close to culture, yet be in a neighborhood great for walking. "In New Jersey, we lived in an older, more established neighborhood but didn't really get to know our neighbors," says Mike.

Why they're never leaving: A community-oriented plan with garages on rear alleys and front porches (common traits of many successful towns). The 15-minute commute to downtown Denver. A four-bedroom, three-bath, 2,900-square-foot house across from a pocket park and two blocks from a green-belt. "I imagined that the park was where we would play Wiffle ball and have cookouts with neighbors, and that's exactly what has happened," Mike says.


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