99 of the West's best pets

Our pets enjoy living here as much as we do. See why in these photos from our Facebook fans

Cute pet photos

Photo courtesy of Facebook fan Tony Mendicino


Guido loves his daily carrot "stogie" and won't let it go even when he starts to doze off on a warm summer day. ― Tony Mendicino

Pets: Della

 Courtesy of Sunset editor-at-large Peter Fish


Della is a lab mix, a rescue dog who came into our family when she was 4.
She is now 11. She's a great advertisement for rescue dogs because she's a fine dog.

Here she poses as Kim Novak in “Vertigo” in front of the Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco.

She's the world's best car traveler, content to sit peacefully in the backseat looking around at the world whizzing by her. Her favorite activities are walks on the beach, walks in the park, lying on the bed with us, and eating.

Favorite foods include anything containing peanut butter, but pretty much all foods are Della's favorite foods. 

She tolerates wearing costumes and dancing with me while I sing Rick James' Superfreak. ― Peter Fish



Courtesy of Facebook fan Mike Eiler

Great pets of the West: Carl

Here I am with Carl, my little road-trip buddy. He's a perfect gentleman in the car: No backseat driving, no constant restroom stops.

When he's done riding shotgun, he takes a nap in the back. Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Utah, California. This cat's a road warrior. ― Mike Eiler

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Cute pet pictures: Pillow the pet lamb

Courtesy of Facebook fan Julie


Our daughter, Hailey, with her lamb, "Pillow," in the pasture of our Dancing Bears Farm in Lane County, Oregon. ― Julie 

Pets: Chulo

Courtesy of Facebook fan Katie Eifert Shelmerdine


This is Chulo, a big chihuahua. He goes everywhere with us. Camping, boating, crabbing, fishing, flying and hiking.

He is a gentleman and welcome everywhere. Lucky little guy lives on a South Puget Sound beach where he can see Mt. Ranier from his pillow. ― Katie Eifert Shelmerdine

Pets: Anders

Courtesy of Facebook fan Lindsey Gerlach


I'm Anders! I live in the Highlands (Sloan's Lake Area) of Denver. I run and run when it snows in Sloan's Lake Park, this park is under appreciated in the area. I love it though!― as told to Lindsey Gerlach

Pets: Tiger

Courtesy of Facebook fan Maria Cypriotis Little


Tiger on Puget Sound, near Seattle ― Maria Cypriotis Little

Cute pet photos

Photo courtesy of Facebook fan Kenneth Wayne Blair

Belladonna Hazelnut

Our puppy in Windsor, CA. ― Kenneth Wayne Blair

Cute pet pictures: Popeye


Popeye and Phoebe

I'm Popeye the 2-legged dog. This is a picture of me and my buddy Phoebe at Crissy Field Beach in San Francisco. We're both rescued dogs. Phoebe is a social butterfly and Foster Mum says I'm a devil on wheels (and out of them too!).

Cute pet photos

Photo courtesy of Facebook fan Jeanne McKinlay Hansen


This is PADS (Pacific Assistance Dog Society) dog Holly happily cheering on the Olympic Torch in Langley, BC.

She is extra special because she is in the breeding program, so all her babies train to become Assistant Dogs to very special people. Go, Canada, go! ― Jeanne McKinlay Hansen

Cute pet photos

Photo courtesy of Facebook fan Gabriele Meiringer


Rudy is enjoying the Oregon National Dunes right outside of Florence, OR. ― Gabriele Meiringer

Pets: Buddy

Courtesy of Facebook fan Anne Weeks


This is Buddy, an 8 year old pit bull/English pointer adopted as a puppy from an Agoura, CA, animal shelter. He travels in our big dog truck and sits in the back only when the front seat is not empty.

This picture was taken with Buddy was traveling with us to Joshua Tree. ― Ann Weeks


Cute cat photos

Courtesy of Sunset executive editor Chris Ryan


She is, I believe, a California born-and-bred cat, probably either part or all Maine Coon Cat. She grew up and lived for 10 or 11 years in LA’s Silverlake district, but now she lives in San Francisco's Bernal Heights, which suits her heavy coat much better.

She loves being able to watch what’s going on in the street from my bay window, and she also loves being able to watch the hummingbirds outside from the sliding glass door to my back deck. She really loves getting out onto that deck, but then she tries to eat the lavender.

She also loves lying in the sun on the kitchen table, even though she knows that’s against the rules. As is stealing guests’ sticky buns...but that doesn’t seem to be stopping her here. ― Chris Ryan, Sunset executive editor

Cute pet photos

Photo courtesy of Facebook fan Doranne Hardt


Fiona the standard poodle at the Yuba Gap Snow Park. ― Doranne Hardt

Cute pet photos

Photo courtesy of Facebook fan Paula Frantz

Sweet Pea

This is Sweet Pea... in a tree! She belongs to my 3-year-old daughter and loves to play outside here in Tuolumne, CA. ― Paula Frantz

Cute pet photos

Courtesy of Facebook fan Jane Santos


This is our rescue dog Lola. She is going to be 1 in May and she is such a great little dog. We live in Morgan Hill, CA, and she loves a day at the beach. This picture is at Moss Landing. ― Jane Santos

Cute pet photos

Photo courtesy of Facebook fan Laurel Shimer


I never knew how sweet a bird could be. This chicken is part of a flock of 9 in my neighbor's yard. My little neighbor boy named her after me because we both have reddish hair.

Laurel Chicken flies the coop most every day and comes to spend the day in my yard. I save the tastier bits of my compost bowl for her. At one point I found a nest under my redwood tree with 10 eggs. Seven were still good, and I made delicious pear souffle.

She has since made a roost behind my back door, and I just have to look through the sliding glass for my (almost) daily egg. She is also very nice about removing slugs and snails from my yard. She makes very tender noises when I go outside and when I carry her home.

We both live in Menlo Park, CA, where yes, I do enjoy a regular walk to Sunset. Laurel Chicken does not accompany me. ― Laurel Shimer

Cute pet photos

Photo courtesy of Facebook fan Marissa De Guzman Mendoza


This is Chloe, our mini lop rabbit. She loves anything and everything that we grow in our patio. Here she is chill-axing. ― Marissa De Guzman Mendoza, Fremont, CA

Cute pet photos

Photo courtesy of Beth Whiteley


This summer we went to Pismo Beach, CA, where I collected sand dollars on a long stroll.

I cleaned them with a mixture of water and bleach and put them on a deck to dry. Emma lay down next to them and gave a close inspection of these ivory-colored treasures.

We used this picture for our Valentine's card with the caption, "count your blessings." ― Peter Whiteley

Pets: Kenai

Courtesy of Facebook fan Kristen John


This is Kenai, a Siberian Husky/Great Pyrenees from Albuquerque, NM.

Here she is enjoying the breeze at White Sands National Monument. Kenai is an avid traveler and accompanies us everywhere that is pet-friendly! ― Kristen John

Cute dog photos

Courtesy of Brianne McElhiney

Riley and Moose

No need for doghouses, crates, or beds. These two chocolate labs prefer hiding under the fireplace. ― Brianne McElhiney

Cute pet photos

Photo courtesy of Facebook fan Stephania Sanchez Spielman


This is Fro. She lives in the Central Valley of California and loves to sleep. She enjoys being an only child and is immensely spoiled.

Fro's favorite spot is anywhere in the sunshine, rolling around and making squeaking noises. Fro doesn't travel, but has an amazing pet sitter who spoils her. ― Stephania Sanchez Spielman

Cute pet pictures: Bailey Belle

 Courtesy of Facebook fan Linda Carpenter

Bailey Belle

Baliey Belle our yellow lab spends most of her time in the pool during our hot Las Vegas summers. ― Linda Carpenter 

Cute pet photos

Courtesy of Facebook fan Catherine Megghen Driscol

Tater Tot

This is Tater Tot, a 3 year old French Bulldog. "TT" travels with me extensively because he is so darned cute, I just can't leave him at home.

We reside in the Napa Valley and what he loves the most about our 'hood is the endless acres of vineyards (filled with playful lizards and delicious grapes -- much to the chagrin of the local winemakers).

What he does best is makes me belly laugh...all the time.―Megghen Driscol

Cute pet photos

Photo courtesy of Facebook fan A. Nitram


Sophia is a Bengal cat. Bengals are high-energy and athletic. Her favorite game is catch the ponytail scrunchy. I shoot it in the air and she leaps straight up 5 feet off the ground, catches it in her paws and transfers it to her mouth before she hits the ground. Then she returns it to me, lightning fast, and resumes her position for the next one. She can do this for hours.

She also loves to “hide” behind a rumple in the comforter on the bed and then jump straight up in the air, often flipping head-over-tail to catch the scrunchy. Then she just brings it to the edge of the bed and goes back to her “hiding” spot.

She also like to ambush me when I walk in a room by pouncing, standing on her hind legs, boxing my calf with a 1-2 punch (wap, wap with her paws) and then running off to hide. ― A. Nitram

Cute pet pictures: Darwin

 Courtesy of Facebook fan Andie Rosendin


Our 1-year-old labradoodle Darwin loves the open space of East Bay Regional Parks where he can run his energy out. His favorite is the entire hike that takes us down to Lake Del Valle where he loves to swim.

Here he is enjoying a swim in Eagle Lake, Tahoe, CA ― Andie Rosendin


Cute pet photos

Photo courtesy of Facebook fan Donna Emmingham


This is Marley, aka "Happy Pack Dog." He loves backpacking in the West with his people. ― Donna Emmingham

Cute pet pictures: Kilgore Trout

Courtesy of Facebook fan Jenny Esquivel

Mr. Kilgore Trout

Mr. Kilgore Trout is a 10 month old Pembroke Wesh Corgi. This photo was taken on the beach in Santa Cruz.

His favorite pasttimes include herding cats and people, road trips around Northern California, and playing with a stuffed hedgehog. ― Jennie Esquivel

Cute pet photos

Photo courtesy of Traci Wehrle


Here is my Pet of the West, Abby. We found her roaming our street when she was just 8 weeks old. Now she's a big girl, 6 pounds and 5 years old. What a fun little girl! ― Traci Wehrle

Remmington the cat

 Courtesy of Facebook fan Kathy LaPose


This is our cat, Remmington. He loved to lay on his perch in our bedroom window and watch all the lovebirds come to feed.

He is thinking he is going to get a meal out of this and cleaning himself for a feast...but no meal here, Remmie! ― Kathy LaPose

Cute pet pictures: Mama

Courtesy of Facebook fan Carrie Bolls Saxbe


This is Mama enjoying a beautiful day at Cavallo Point in Sausalito. ― Carrie Bolls Saxbe  

Ella Mae

 Courtesy of Facebook fan Brian Whyte

Ella Mae

She's our border collie/daughter/running partner. Got her in Missoula, MT from the local pound.

We're running partners, work buddies (at a local nursery) and consider her our daughter when one of her many friends come asking about her. She's 11 years old and still as active and spunky as ever. ― Brian Whyte

Pets: Asia

Courtesy of Facebook fan Kelly Sleeth-Kephart

Abby and Kato

This is Abby (the golden retriever) and Kato (the German shephard mix) from Nipomo, CA, loving the wildflowers in Carrizo Plain (in eastern SLO county) last year.

Both dogs love going camping, running and hiking with us. ― Kelly Sleeth-Kephart

Cute pet photos: Chowder and Lucky

Courtesy of Facebook fan Amy McEntee Fletcher

Chowder and Lucky

We are Chowder, a yellow lab, and Lucky, a dalmatian. We are frolicking on the ice on Payette Lake in McCall, Idaho.

In the summer we love to swim in this lake. We travel everywhere with our parents, enjoying camping trips in the beautiful West!

Although we are 10 years apart in age, we both love to play outdoors! ―Amy McEntee Fletcher

Cute pet photos: Ginger

Courtesy of Facebook fan Kelsey Farris

Jill Monroe

Jill was found in downtown Los Angeles in 2009. She loves pillow fights, long walks to Starbucks and food fallen from street vendors carts. ― Kelsey Farris

Cute pet photos

Photo courtesy of Facebook fan Erin Dewey


Bennie the bulldog is a wine connoisseur who loves to sip Pinot while sitting in barstools. ― Erin Dewey

Cute pet photos: Piper

Courtesy of Facebook fan Heidi Pomeroy


Piper loves to help in the garden, and if I don't keep a close eye on him he'll pick my peas, or tomato, or stawberries, or whatever else might look tasty. Next trick: pulling weeds.

Piper is a 4-year-old Sheltie who bows on command and played ring bearer at our wedding. ― Heidi Pomeroy

Cute pet photos: Bryce

Courtesy of Facebook fan Catherine Hallada Nohr


This is Bryce from Hollister, CA. We named Bryce after our favorite National Park, Bryce Canyon. Bryce has not been there yet, but his beautiful red colored coat reminded us of the canyon's red rocks, called "hoodoos." 

Bryce is a full breed fox red labrador, who is fun, loving, and energetic. His favorite hobbies: chewing his bully sticks, going on long walks, doing tricks, and helping dad around the house. Hopefully soon we will be able to take Bryce to Bryce Canyon in our camper, but he is still just a puppy. (However, not just any puppy; he is our furry red baby.) ― Catherine Hallada Nohr

Cute pet photos

Courtesy of Facebook fan Tina Eifert


Romy is an Australian Labradoodle: catcher of footballs, frisbees, pine cones; chaser of bunnies, bumblebees, dragonflies; lover of all humans and animals, especially babies, grandpa and her buddy, Ollie.

He is a welcome house guest whose motto echos that of a responsible forest stroll: "Leave no trace."

The perfect day includes a ride in the car, respectfully greeting clients at Red Door Studio, a nap on the bed in the warm sunlight, a game of keep-away basketball on the WSU campus, hiking the closest mountain trail, racing along the sandy shores of the Pacific Ocean, a romp in the snow on Mt. Hood, or a fast game of fetch the stick in the Columbia.

A true Northwest native, Romy is ready for the outdoors, whatever the weather. She thinks ALL dogs live like this! ―Tina Eifert 

Cute pet photos

Photo courtesy of Facebook fan Melissa Williams Day


Minnie is a 2½-year-old, 12-pound Boston terrier from Portland, OR. Here she is at the beach on Whidbey Island, WA. She also loves to be at home, on the trail, or in her dad's jeep. ― Melissa Williams Day

Pets: Cosmo

Courtesy of Facebook fan Jennifer Alderman


This is Cosmo's first kitten picture; it was taken by our koi pond. His mom, Patches, was a stray that I was takiing care of and she had two kittens.

We adopted out Cosmo's sister, Zoe, and now Cosmo and Patches live indoors with us and our other two kitties. His blue eyes are now golden, but he's still a cutie patootie! :) ― Jennifer Alderman


Pets: Zoe

Courtesy of Facebook fan Paula Zsiray


This is our 6 year old Yellow Lab Zoe, who likes to have her nose in everything. ― Paula Zsiray  

Cute pet pictures: Tank

 Courtesy of Facebook fan Deb Behan


My boy Tank: He plays with hiis favorite toys (hairtyes) in the kitchen; in our home he loves to chase rays of sunlight and his sister, Motown; he has never left the house since rescued from the Peninsula SPCA as a kitten. ― Deb Behan

Cute pet pictures: Azi

 Courtesy of Facebook fan Linda Jackson


Here's one of the zillion pics I took of my pup Azi before he came to live with us in Nov 2008. ― Linda Jackson

Cute pet pictures: Hunter

 Courtesy of Facebook fan Gino De Young


This is Hunter, enjoying the dog beach in Long Beach, CA.

She's a Shiba Inu, and loves helping me dig when I garden, sleeping all day while I work, and the occasional road trip to Northern California. ― Gino De Young

Cute pet photos

Courtesy of Facebook fan Laurie Dunne

Hope, Kane, Toddy, and Linar

Here are Hope, Kane, Toddy and Linar taking a breather from hiking along the American River Trail in Carmichael, CA. These four pups are all related and range from 1-7 years old.

They all are either current pups or have been involved the assistance dog program for Canine Companions for Independence, headquartered in Santa Rosa, CA. ―Laurie Dunne


Pets: Millie

Courtesy of Facebook fan Chad Norman


Millie the Maltese at home in Park City, UT. She loves her buddy Franz the Bear. ― Chad Norman

Cute pet photos: Mouse

Courtesy of Facebook fan Yosemite Sierra Specialties


Mouse makes eye contact with one of the locals at my house near Oakhurst, CA. I call home Deer Oak Acres, because it frequently has 10-20 deer in the yard. ―Yosemite Sierra Specialties

Dixie, Northern Utah

 Courtesy of Facebook fan Jenn Zsiray


This is Dixie. She has the longest beagle ears we've ever seen, she rarely barks, only howls, she is the funniest, smartest and best dog ever.

Her nose takes her wherever she likes, but always comes when called. Loves to camp and dig (even though she knows better)!

She lives in beautiful Northern Utah where the sun shines and the snow falls! We love her! ― Jenn Zsiray

Pets: Kelsey

Courtesy of Facebook fan Kristy Jackson Lewis


This is our sweet dog, Kelsey. We named her Kelsey after the shelter in Kelseyville, CA, where we adopted her as a puppy. She is almost 6 years old, and is a terrier mix.

She has been raised with our 2 little boys, so is very tolerant of almost everything―even being buried in the sand.

We live in Sonoma, and she goes everywhere with us: camping, hiking, and even for rides on the family boat! She's a wonderful dog, and we love her so much. ― Kristy Jackson Lewis

Pets: Scooby Doo

Courtesy of Facebook fan Nicole Valdez

Scooby Doo

Meet Scooby Doo. She is a Chihuahua who was rescued in San Jose, CA. She loves to go for long walks, running on the beach, sunbathing, and cuddling on the couch. ― Nicole Valdez

Ben and Scout

Courtesy of Sunset publisher Barb Newton

Ben and Scout

My 6-year-old border collie Ben, with puppy Scout, shortly after we brought Scout home from Border Collie Rescue of Northern California last fall.

Now Scout is 5 months old, as tall as Ben, and they have become inseparable. They roll around the house and chase each other around the yard in a blur of black and white.

Scout's worst habit is stealing vegetable trimmings out of the compost pile (the base of celery stalks, rotten eggplants, egg shells) and bringing them inside to play with under the kitchen table. ― Barb Newton

Pets: Princess

Courtesy of Facebook fan Lisa Lovazzano


I am not sure what breed Princess is; I was told she was an Alaskan Malmute!

Of course I fell in love with her eyes and did not really care. I mean, it was Christmas Eve Eve, and I was at Stanford shopping center when I spotted this fluffy thing under a young woman's coat.

The rest is well, love. Everybody loves her (except Taylor our other love, a Llasa).

Princess loves to play and play. She hides the ball then just waits... We are located in West Menlo Park, CA, a very pet-friendly city. ― Lisa Lovazzano

Pets: Moondoogie

 Courtesy of Susan Hines


Moondoggie is a true beach bum. He would spend every moment on the beach if he could. He likes hiking through the redwoods and visiting the national parks rain or shine. I have the most fun trying to keep his coat clean! ;)  ― Susan Hines

Pets: Zion and Monte

 Courtesy of Erin Silva

Zion and Monte

Zion and Monte hiking the Hunter Creek trail in Reno, NV.

Being outside with them makes me aware of so many things I'd otherwise miss. ― Erin Silva

Rudy and Rosebud

 Courtesy of Facebook fan Kenna Pope

Rudy and Rosebud

The Basset Boys, Rudy and Rosebud, travel everywhere with me and Moose, their brother-from-another-mother.

They like to use the suitcase as a booster seat to give themselves a better view. This particular shot was taken at a coffee stand on our trip home from a weekend romping in the rain at Mt. Rainier. ― Kenna Pope

Pets: Dixie and Mookie

Courtesy of Facebook fan Celeste Spencer Romo

Dixie and Mookie

Our kitty, Mookie (aka Gump Kitty) frequently joins us for our walk with Dixie, our 11-month-old Aussie mix along the wetlands trail here in Folsom, CA.

It's the funniest thing to walk both and dog *and* a cat! I guess even kitties appreciate a good walk in nature. ― Celeste Spencer Romo

Pets: Tsavo

Courtesy of Facebook fan Ashley White

Boyd Tsavo

I'm Tsavo, a boxer, and I take things pretty seriously. Like right now I could be totally guarding the tent from bears... but ooooohhhh look, a treat!

I live in Denver with my favorite people. They take me to lots of awesome places with them. We went camping at the sand dunes national park―my favorite! I got to rub my nose in the sand as much as i wanted! You should totally try it sometime! ― as told to Ashley White

Chester and Frankie

Courtesy of Facebook fan Kim Mensink Chartrand

Chester and Frankie

Chester (dog) and Frankie (cat) finding something interesting in the grass. They are very good pals. ― Kim Mensink Chartrand  

Pets: Cubbie

Courtesy of Facebook fan Cindy Rawlings


This is Cubbie, a pomeranian from Central Idaho. He likes to ski, hike and hang out with big dogs!

On off days you can find him soaking up sun and eating cheese snacks. ― Cindy Rawlings


Pets: Mr. Frank Sinatra

Courtesy of Facebook fan Sara Westgate

Mr. Frank Sinatra

Hi! My name is Mr. Frank Sinatra. My mom has adored me like a human child since she picked me up 8 years ago. She thinks I may be a Siamese Himalayan.

I enjoy spending as much time as possible in the backyard. If not in the backyard, I can be found basking in the sun on the bed.

Some of my other hobbies include: eating, sleeping, sometimes a cat nip-induced play session, and getting my long hair groomed into a cut with easier upkeep.

I grew up in Michgan and currently reside in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. ― Sara Westgate

Pets: Jake and Charlie

 Courtesy of Facebook fan Dina Madruga

Jake and Charlie

This is Jake and Charlie of San Diego, kickin' it at home under the palapa poolside.

Jake is almost 15 and has been the brave and loyal protector of our kids his whole life. Charlie was adopted from the Baja Animal Sanctuary in Rosarito and is bilingual.

They don't like to swim, but they love to sun! ― Dina Madruga


 Courtesy of Facebook fan Lara Strandberg


This is Norman, our yellow lab, doing his best to look sad and alone.

Don't let him fool you; he's been having the time of his life chasiing balls and swimming all day on the beach in Indianola, WA. But he's too wet and sandy to come inside. ― Lara Strandberg


Courtesy of Facebook fan Rebecca Furlonge-Washburn


Grizz just loves looking out at all living things in the beautiful Southwest. He loves to watch the coyotes and javelinas go by behind our backyard. He is truly a lover of all nature! ― Rebecca Furlonge-Washburn, Oro Valley, Arizona  

Pets: Asia

Courtesy of Facebook fan Barbara Dietel Phillips


Here's Asia from Santa Rosa, CA, eagerly waiting to do two of her favorite things: run on the beach in Pacific Grove, and chase a ball.

The beach at Asilomar is one of her favorite weekend getaways. Doggie heaven. ― Barbara Dietel Phillips

Pets: Millie

Courtesy of Facebook fan Sara Westgate

Boyd Tinsley

This is Boyd Tinsley relaxing in our backyard. He is a combination of any of the following: Lab, Husky, Shepard, Wolf.

He enjoys long walks in the woods, swimming in lakes, watching others fetch balls, and an occasional treat from his cat brother's litter box. (Yuck, yes I know!) He currently resides in sunny Scottsdale, AZ. ― Sara Westgate

Pets: Walter

Courtesy of Facebook fan Erin Sierchio


Meet Walter, a Sacramento-based pooch with a penchant for rough housing with his cat friend, Ollie.

Part feline (at least I think so), his second favorite activity is sleeping. His favorite spot in the house is the bed.

He also loves the car and can be found "riding the wave" (i.e. standing on the middle console) during drives. ― Erin Sierchio

Cute pet pictures: Bailey

Courtesy of Facebook fan Nicole Davidson


Bailey is a shy, neurotic and lovely 8-year-old Weimeraner from Bellingham, WA. This is a picture of her in a local park during a session of chuck-it ball throwing (the only way to get Bailey her daily exercise).

Bailey tags along on most trips that we read about in Sunset, and is often welcomed in restaurants and wineries due to being so well-mannered. Bailey loves, in particular, Decatur Island, WA, where she can frolic with deer and sheep.

She is also part of what we like to call a "Community Dog Share" as she now has several "owners" who love and adore her. It takes a community to raise a dog! ― Nicole Davidson

Cute pet pictures: Azi and Loki

 Courtesy of Facebook fan Linda Jackson Campbell

Azi and Loki

Azi (left), Loki (right) and son and father. We're in San Luis Obispo, CA. What they do best is play ball in the backyard and look cute! ― Linda Jackson Campbell  

Pets: Sammy

Courtesy of Facebook fan Jennifer Rowe


This is Sammy taking a break in Long Beach, WA. We try to get to the Oregon or Washington coast (our favorite is Cannon Beach) every summer so the dogs can run like crazy. ― Jennifer Rowe, Kirkland, WA

Cute pet photos

Photo courtesy of Facebook fan Samantha Hamilton

Mocha Loca and Dallas

This is Mocha Loca, a double dapple dachshund, and Dallas (a.k.a. Little Man), a mini dachshund. Mocha, 2, is from Sacramento, CA. Dallas, 10, made cross-country trek from Jacksonville, FL to Sacramento with his owners in a Mini Cooper.

Mocha enjoys playing with squeaky tennis balls, running, eating everything, being queen of the dog park, and bossing Dallas.

Dallas likes chilling by the fire, snuggling under the covers, snoozing, and riding in the car. They both also enjoy traveling to LA and San Francisco, and they live it up like royalty in the Hotel Palomar, LA, where this picture was taken. ― Samantha Hamilton

Cute pet photos

Photo courtesy of Facebook fan Beth Brandt-erichsen


We live in Ketchikan, a small island in Alaska. We don't have many roads so Gwennie hates riding in the car. She is just the sweetest dog ever. ― Beth Brandt-erichsen

Pets: Bentley

Courtesy of Facebook fan Caitlin Ketcham


Meet Bentley! He's a Tucson, AZ-based 7-month-old German Shepherd mix puppy we adopted from our local animal shelter.

His favorite activity involves hiding under our coffee table taunting our other dogs while playing because he thinks they can't fit under it even though they can. ― Caitlin Ketcham

Cute pet photos

Photo courtesy of Facebook fan Noel Freitas


Here's my 'PomChi' (pomeranian-chihuahua), Claire, my favorite 'Pet of the West'. She's about 1½ yrs old in this picture from last summer. She was watching me eat our first ripe cherry tomato!

Claire is a cuddler who loves to go kayaking with my husband and me. She also thinks she's the mother of our 3 backyard chickens. ― Courtney Noel Freitas

Pets: Jane and Stella

Courtesy of Facebook fan Kathryn Dysart

Jane and Stella

Stella, our 80-lb. Giant Schnauzer, is Chief of Security of our farm in Dallas, Oregon.

Jane, our 12 lb. miniature schnoodle, makes sure Stella doesn't miss anything. ― Kathryn Dysart

Pets: Norah

Courtesy of Facebook fan Susan Simidian Basmajian


This is Norah, our five year old Lakeland terrier. She travels with us often.

This photo was taken at the Biltmore/Four Seasons in Santa Barbara. Every time we stay they bring her a blanket, bowls, toys, cookies and shampoo. She loves it! ― Susan Simidian Basmajian

Cute pet pictures: Zoe

Courtesy of Facebook fan Julie Larson


Meet Zoe, our 3/4 Great Pyrenees & 1/4 Golden Retriever pup. She loves hiking with us in Orgeon. This photo was taken on Eagle Rest in the Willamette National Forest just behind our home. ― Julie Larson 

Pets: Deesel

Courtesy of Facebook fan Rebecca Prechtel


My sister in law with her dog Deesel when we were hiking in the Desolation Wilderness Area.

Deesel is the best hiking partner, and loves to hike anywhere he can find water. ― Rebecca Prechtel 

Cute pet photos: Cali

Courtesy of Facebook fan Janet Kauffman


My name is Cali and i just turned 3. I'm a Papillion (french for butterfly, notice the ears). I look prissy but i'm really a tomboy. I live in Fresno, CA, with a collie named Ginger. In this picture I'm on an adventure to Millerton Lake in Friant, CA. ― Janet Kauffman

Cute pet photos

Photo courtesy of Facebook fan Geoff Pentz


Dude, a 2 year old Goldendoddle, makes a morale visit to the Doctors Clinic in Silverdale, WA. Every Thursday he is a reading dog at Kitsap Lake Elementary, working with the kindergarten class. ― Geoff Pentz

Pets: Sophie

Courtesy of Facebook fan Mary Favors


Sophie, a Japanese Chin we rescued through JCCARE, surveys the crowd at the recent chin-fest in Arlington, WA.

She lives in Fircrest with her family and 2 other chin girls to play and romp with. ― Mary Favors

Pets: Murphy Wurzer

Courtesy of Facebook fan Christine Weiskopf Wurzer


This is Murphy (our 2½ year old German Shepherd/retriever mix) at Pt. Reyes National Seashore. He loves being anywhere near water―be it ocean, river, lake―as long as he's with us! ― Christine Weiskopf Wurzer

Cute pet photos

Courtesy of Facebook fan Dorna Sakkurai


This is my dog Kiku. She is a 2-year-old Akita. In this shot she is on the prowl in my backyard.

She loves to go hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains. We recently rented a dog-friendly cabin in Julian and took her along. She had a great time in the mountains. I blogged about traveling with my pets here. ―Dorna Sakurai

Cute pet photos

Photo courtesy of Facebook fan Randy Foy


Meet Luke. We rescued him two weeks before this photo. He is only about 1½ years old and is staring at a kitty on the stairs behind me. ― Randy Foy

Cute dog photos

Courtesy of Paulina Lopez


Chompers is a 3-year-old boxer who loves to pose for photos and/or whine all day long for treats.

While visiting Modesto Reservoir, the adolescent boxer decided the most appealing plants to chew just had to be hiding, so he tried a little underwater diving. Why does it feel like we always have to rescue Chompers from Chompers? ― Paulina Lopez

Cute pet photos

Photo courtesy of Facebook fan Lisa Savy James


This is Kona, now a 1½-year-old Welsh Corgi. She has a magnetism that draws people to her wherever she goes―even at the vet's office and pet store, where the employees see dogs all day long.

This photo was taken at a beach near Ventura, CA, when she was about 6 months old. She has just started dog agility lessons, which is mostly an exercise in me learning to be agile. ―Lisa Savvy James, Escondido CA

Cute pet photos

Photo courtesy of Facebook fan Sue Langley


Here's our Pet of the West, Maggie, my Corgi, on the way to Hetch-Hetchy reservoir. She loves snow as you can see. Hops through it like a bunny! ― Sue Langley

Cute dog photos

Courtesy of Louise Bartlett


Scout is part Jack Russell, part Queensland heeler, and part McNab. Special features and talents: Her curly tail, her intelligence, her ability to understand complex tasks, her dedication and focus to delicately place the ball in your hand/lap/keyboard when you least expect it.

I travel up and down the California coast with her a lot, camping, and beach runs... she has been on a road trip across the country with me from San Francisco to Boston. ―Louise Bartlett


Courtesy of Facebook fan Julie Kiester


I have told our vet that I do not believe in reincarnation, but if I did, I would like to come back as our pit bull, Lady, who is now 15 years old.

She loves the fireplace in the winter. It is her form of TV. Winters are cold here in the Antelope Valley, and she knows exactly where to go when she sees us hauling wood inside. ― Julie Kiester

Cute pet photos

Photo courtesy of Facebook fan Jeanette Calarco


Meet Mira, a rescued Border Collie/Aussie extraordinaire. She works outside the home, patrolling our 20 acres near Bozeman, MT.

Mira has made many friends at our local hardware store, where she opens the automatic door, makes a beeline for the cash register, and sits while she waits for the cashier to give her a treat.

She runs every day no matter how cold or icy and is a great swimmer though she has only 3 legs!  ― Jeanette Calarco, Bozeman, MT.

Cute pet photos

Photo courtesy of Facebook fan Geoff Belau


Casey on the way to Snow Lake, near Snoqualmie Pass, WA. Casey left us just before Thanksgiving. She was 14. She was beautiful, and sweet. We miss her. ― Geoff Belau

Pets: Jasmine

Courtesy of Facebook fan Kim Duncan Mantel


This is Jasmine, an Abyssinian Blue, in her favorite position: between me and the computer screen.

She was Pacific Northwest born and made the move to Tucson, AZ, riding atop pillows stashed on top of boxes in the back of our SUV.

She will do almost anything to keep me off my computer (she's about to lick my face)! ― Kim Duncan Mantel



Cute pet photos

Photo courtesy of Facebook fan Zanna Russell


Tegan the Pembroke Welsh Corgi at Stinson Beach, CA. ― Zanna Russell

Cute pet photos

Photo courtesy of Facebook fan Wendy Christofk


Oreo, 5, cat is more like a dog. She comes when we whistle, and she follows me around the garden.

She likes to sleep on my pillow at night in the winter. She meows at the doors so we open them for her and loves to take naps out in the sun.

With three teenagers in the house she is the only one who does not talk back! ― Wendy Christofk, Sunnyvale, CA

Cute pet photos

Photo courtesy of Marie Pence, Sunset production systems manager


This is Murphy, our 10-year-old golden retriever. She’s a suburban dog during the week, but on weekends she loves traveling to the mountains near Yosemite where she spends her time being her own best friend, splashing and chasing waterbugs in the creek. ― Marie Pence

Cute pet photos: Puddles

Courtesy of Facebook fan Natalie Linhart


I am Puddles. I am a Rottweiler/Poodle/Australian Shepherd. I live in Caldwell, Idaho, with my family Steve, Natalie, Madeline (7), and Eric (4).

Here I am enjoying a day at Bruneau Dunes State Park. I also enjoy hiking the Boise foothills and camping at Lake Cascade. I am a good boy and loved very much! ― Natalie Linhart


Cute pet photos

Photo courtesy of Facebook fan Deeandra Hamilton


Here's Tazo (a labradoodle) hiking Cape Horn in the beautiful Columbia Gorge! He loves living in Hood River, OR, with access to everything outdoors―swimming, hiking or a fun car ride out to the Oregon Coast.―Deeandra Hamilton

Cute pet photos: Ginger

Courtesy of Facebook fan Janet Browning


This is my collie, Ginger. We live in Fresno, CA for now. Ginger is 8 yrs old, and she's my best friend, and she's the sweetest thing ever.

She loves walks anywhere but especially on Del Monte Beach in Monterey, CA. This picture was taken a couple years ago when this was our backyard! ― Janet Browning

Pets: Jake

Courtesy of Facebook fan Dan Russo


This is Jake, our 8 year old golden retriever. He loves to go duck hunting with me in Los Banos, CA, and looks forward to running through the water and the mud. I was able get this picture of him from my duck blind with the sunrise.

He also loves the car and can be found "riding the wave" (i.e. standing on the middle console) during drives. ― Dan Russo


 Courtesy of Facebook fan Kathy LaPose


Our little Maltese dog, Sweetie, that we were fostering but fell in love with and adopted. She makes a lovely Christmas ornament, don't you think? ― Kathy LaPose

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