Get started with sailing

If you’ve never sailed before, or it’s been awhile, we recommend easing into it slowly––like on a no-experience-necessary daysail.

Get out on a boat
Photo by Tom Dowd; written by Jeffrey Davis

Get out on a boat

While you don’t have to help sail, if you want to try it, ask ahead of time about taking a turn steering the boat or working the winches to adjust the sails while underway.

It’s not easy to compare costs among operators. Some charge flat day rates; others go by the hour or per person. Basic rule of thumb: The total cost of a full day on the water on a 35-foot yacht (the most popular size) with a skipper should run $500 to $800; a half-day, $300 to $600. Split a half-day with friends and you might pay less than $100 for a couple of hours on the water.

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