Get started with sailing

If you’ve never sailed before, or it’s been awhile, we recommend easing into it slowly––like on a no-experience-necessary daysail.

Set sail
Photo by James Carrière; written by Jeffrey Davis

Set sail

The easy way to hit the water is to charter, or rent, a yacht. A skippered charter includes a licensed captain to do the sailing. (A bareboat charter is for those who already know how to sail.) Because commissioning a 6-ton, 35-foot boat isn’t as simple as picking up a Zipcar, here are a few guidelines:

  • Relax. You’re not signing up for a Moby Dick experience. You’re hiring a licensed captain to sail the boat for you, most likely in conditions that won’t spill your drink.
  • Don’t automatically pick a boat, or a destination, off the charter company’s menu; weather and other factors play into what makes sense on any given day. While you can choose from what’s available in someone’s charter fleet, talk to captains first about what sort of experience you want; they’ll usually come up with an itinerary and a vessel that match up best.

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